REGnosys is growing: we are hiring!

Who are we, and what are we looking for?

We have big ambitions: radically transforming the industry’s approach to a long-standing problem, taking all of the industry stakeholders with us. So we are giving ourselves the means to execute on our objective.

We are building a team of high-calibre people, who are the best in their field. We are not counting the years of experience. We are looking for talent, drive and, when years there are, a demonstrable track-record to show for it. We are interested in people with previous industry expertise, and people with a fresh take on things. We are committed to building the most diverse team possible, united only in their passion to fulfil the mission.

If this sounds a lot like you, we’d like to hear from you.

Full Stack Engineer

You will be directly developing our compliance platform applications as well as the digital open source asset (Rosetta) that the platform is based on.

You will need to operate in an agile environment and be versatile with different programming languages and software packages. As such, you will be fully inputting into shaping-up our own optimal Engineering tool-kit to achieve the product objective.

Several roles fitted to various levels of experience. Competitive salary.

Start date: now.

Cloud Computing Engineer

You will be building-up our cloud-computing infrastructure, therefore participating in laying-out some of the key foundations for the future of our technology platform.

You will have a demonstrated track-record of implementing resilient, highly secure and performant cloud-based services and architecture.

Senior experience required. Competitive salary.

Start date: now.

UX Designer

You will be responsible for designing and developing REGnosys end-to-end user experience, from the early stages of on-boarding (including web-site as first touch-point) down to our compliance platform applications.

You will be joining the team in the early stages of its UX journey. So you will have the opportunity to build it from the ground-up, in a way that provides a wholesome experience to all of our stakeholders and ultimately defines our brand identity.

Senior experience required. Competitive salary.

Start date: now.