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The regulatory compliance paradox

The aggregated cost of regulatory compliance across the financial industry is reaching $80BN globally. And yet compliance related risks remain at all-time highs.

Why is that?

Sure enough, new regulations introduced after the 2008 financial crisis require firms to collect, aggregate and report unprecedented amounts of data, and integrate complex rules into their business workflows. And yes, these rules are open to diverging interpretations and not always harmonised globally.

But at the root of the paradox is the industry’s extreme state of technology fragmentation: often within a single organisation, the same data is represented in many different ways through multiple systems.

This results in highly complex regulatory implementations that have escalated into uncontrolled costs, still without guarantee of compliance: how do you prove adherence to a rule, when the logic is buried deep into a maze of disparate systems? This opacity also challenges regulators’ supervisory mandate and damages market transparency.



Our solution

Our solution is a revolutionary platform that does more than just help your firm comply: it enforces compliance programmatically at every step of the process.

Programmatic Compliance

REGnosys’ solution is a cohesive platform that embeds complex rules as transparent, executable logic, packaged into a cloud-based software that directly plugs into your organisation’s workflows. Your compliance implementation becomes auditable, traceable and programmatically tied to the rules, from input to output.

From the rules as drafted, to the rules as executed, in a clear and simple way: this, is Programmatic Compliance.

This scalable compliance solution dramatically cuts the costs and risk of having to support your own complex implementation.






Cut costs

Reduce risk

Rosetta Model

What is Rosetta

Rosetta is the key innovation at the heart of REGnosys’ platform –
The technological trick that enables the magic of Programmatic Compliance.

A digital asset

Rosetta consolidates the disparate technical practices of the industry: data standards, business workflows etc., into a single, digital repository.

Rosetta is able to tie the regulatory provisions as codified rules into these practices, in a way that is clear and easy to navigate. REGnosys’ platform uses Rosetta to convert regulatory texts into transparent, executable workflows. And thanks to Rosetta’s in-built mapping of business practices, these workflows become easy to plug into your firm’s proprietary systems.

Discover Rosetta…


Radical transformation

REGnosys does not just deliver a compliance toolkit –
It fundamentally transforms the industry’s approach to regulatory compliance.

Leveraging Rosetta

Rosetta is the key instrument of that transformation.

Rosetta enables a complete redesign of the industry’s regulatory infrastructure. For the first time, rules can be unambiguously tied to technical business practices, and therefore translated into executable, transparent and independently verifiable compliance logic.

For REGnosys, Rosetta is an industry asset that belongs to one place only: the open source – And that is just where we are building it.

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Open source

 User Journeys

No more dissecting through multiple systems and thousands of lines of code.

With Programmatic Compliance, evidencing compliance comes right at your fingertips.

The auditability question

How do I prove that my organisation has correctly implemented the rules? Follow the journey…

The traceability question

How do I monitor the continuous quality of my organisation’s regulatory output? Follow the journey…

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